Soy, Blends & Natural Waxes

When making candles it is always best to try different tempertures to see what works best for you as there are so many different situations such as glass/mold size, temperture of working enviroment, fragrance/color percentages, etc.

AccuSoy10 Container
AccuSoy 9 Soy/Paraffin Container Blend

Accusoy #9 soy/paraffin container blend. Single pour wax with smooth creamy finish. Pours well at 170F

Pure container soy.
AccuSoy 10 All Natural Soy Container wax.

AS-10 is an all natural Soy blend that produces a smooth creamy finish. For best results heat to Approx 170F add color and fragrance stir well and pour candles. This wax is currently in slab form and cuts easy with butter knife. THE BEST SHIPPING DEAL FOR MOST IS 4 - 11 lbs and we adjust shipping to $42.00 USPS Flat Rate.

Natural Coconut Wax
All Natural Coconut Container Wax (ON ORDER!)

Our original CCN1 from Calwax! All Natural Coconut Wax blend of all natural coconut wax & other natural quality ingredients. This natural wax will hold up to 10% fragrance, has good hot & cold scent throw. The all natural coconut wax will adhere very well to the glass & burn very clean. Coconut wax is usually a bright white color & extremely soft & creamy.You may need to add a hardner to raise the melting point of this wax if you are in a warm tropical enviroment. We suggest adding 15% palm stearic acid. As with all natural products you will see a slight variance in color from batch to batch. Most Recommended pouring temps is around 150 F. We have found that adding 1 1/2 ounce of Beeswax per pound raises the melt point and makes a high quality candle. BECAUSE IT IS ALL NATURAL IT SOMETIMES HAS TO BE HEATED WITH HEAT GUN OR DOUBLE POURED. MOST OF TIME IT IS SINGLE POUR AND WORKS BEST POURED AT 170-180 WHEN COOLER AND 160-170 WHEN WARMER AND WEATHER IS HOT.

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Apricot Coconut Blend
Apricot/Coconut Container Blend.(CEDA SERICA)

Apricot/Coconut (CEDA-SERICA®) Container wax is a brand new complex container blend of Apricot wax Ceda Serica & other quality ingredients. Designed to have a creamy off-white appearance. This wax does contain PARAFFIN. This wax has an excellent fragrance throw and evenness of burn. Also has good container adhesion 129mp. This wax comes in Slab Form, NEW WAX IS A SINGLE POUR.

To our knowledge there is only 1 Apricot Coconut on the market with lots of different descriptions.... CEDA-SERICA® is a coconut-apricot blend that is a luxurious wax with great adhesion. CEDA-SERICA® looks absolutely stunning in glass with its glossy-like appearance. This blend can easily handle in the range of 10% fragrance and has a very good hot throw with an excellent melting point specification range.

White Beeswax Pastilles
Beeswax Natural White CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

All Natural White Beeswax, refined in the USA without any chemical bleaching aids. Our White Beeswax conforms to the USP/NF monograph and is suitable for pharmaceutical as well as all food, cosmetic and all personal care product applications. This Beeswax is quite fragrant and has a typical slightly off-white color. This product is finished in a fine prill (Granules) form for easy handling and faster processing. Works well for cosmetics, encaustic art, Batik, candle making and many other uses. WE HAVE CHANGED TO 45 LB CASE BOXES AS FEDEX AND UPS ADDED $25.00 EXTRA TO ANY BOX OVER 50 LBS.

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Candelilla Wax
Candelilla Wax Flakes 1lb

MP 155-160F Candelilla wax flakes, It is mostly used mixed with other waxes to harden them without raising their melting point. As a food additive, candelilla wax has the E number E 902 and is used as a glazing agent. It also finds use in cosmetic industry, as a component of lip balms and lotion bars. One of its major uses was a binder for chewing gums. A lot of people consider this Vegan Wax. Candelilla wax can be used as a substitute for carnauba wax and beeswax. It is also used for making varnish.

$13.95 Quantity:
Coconut Container Blend Accu-Pure 83. SLABS THIS TIME


THE BEST SHIPPING DEAL FOR MOST IS 4 - 11 lbs and we adjust shipping to $42.00 USPS Flat Rate.

Accu-Pure 83 is a container blend of all natural organic coconut wax & other natural quality ingredients. It has excellent color retention, jar adhesion, hot and cold scent throw and is very clean burning. No additives are required. It is also blended to eliminate frosting of colored candles and is a one pour blend. It has a smooth surface & burns cooler so it burns longer. As with all natural products, it can vary slightly from batch to batch. Some of our customers like to add our sp-486 to stiffen the coconut wax and keep it all natural.


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SP 486 Natural Pillar Wax, coconut
SP-486 Natural Vegetable Pillar Wax

Please call about case quantity...SP486 MP 143 All natural pillar candle wax holds up to 7% fragrance load per Manufacturer. Has a hard crystalline texture, exceptional mold release, excellent fragrance loading capacity. Works great in votives, pillars of all types,& tart molds. This wax mixes well with our coconut waxes to stiffen yet keep natural.

SP-487 Natural ax
SP-487p Natural Vegetable Container Wax BEADS

SHIPPING SPECIAL, BUY 4 11lb BAGS AND GET $42.00 PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING. WE ADJUST SHIPPING. All natural container candle blend holds between 7% and 12% fragrance load per Manufacturer. Hard crystalline texture, very good adhesion to the glass, excellent fragrance loading capacity. Great for 4-16oz. containers (May require a second wick in a 27oz. jar). DO: Use cotton or paper core wicks, pour hot for the best effect (175-185F) DO NOT: Use paraffin based color chips as they will affect appearance or overheat. (195F) Use of our Dyeflakes is recommended. All natural Vegetable wax for Container candles hold between 7% and 12% fragrance load per Manufacturer


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Soy, Blends & Natural Waxes

Soy, Blends & Natural Waxes

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