Paraffin Wax & Paraffin Blends

Here you can find many different straight paraffins & parraffin blends. The lower the melting point the softer the paraffin is. The most commonly used paraffin in candle making and other general purposes is the 140 MP straight paraffin. When making candles it is always best to try different temperatures to see what works best for you as there are so many different situations such as glass/mold size, temperature of working enviroment, fragrance/color percentages, etc. We now carry Emulsifying wax, call for quantity pricing. WE HAVE A FORKLIFT TO LOAD YOUR TRUCK.

130 MP paraffin
130 Paraffin Container Wax (Soft Wax)

130 MP Paraffin for Glass/Ceramic Container Candles and Votives. This is not a single pour you will have to top off. Please call for Pallet pricing (2200 lbs). New lower case price. We have customers that purchase this as "Duck Wax" for defeathering birds of different sorts.

140 Paraffin Pillar Wax (General Purpose Wax)

140 Pillar Candle Wax 58/60 mottle paraffin wax. For Molded Candles our "General Purpose" wax. Check out our new lower prices same wax, as always we try and keep the LOWEST prices possible. Please call for Pallet pricing and call for shipping quote. NEW LOWER CASE PRICING! This wax works great for fire starters.

150 Paraffin Pillar/Overdip Wax

Pillar and Overdip Wax 150 MP Great for pillars, overdips and for raising melt points. Add an ounce of our PE wax to make this 160 MP paraffin.

160 Paraffin Wax

159 MP Paraffin for Sand Cast Candles, Hurricanes and Embeds.

Apricot Coconut Blend
Apricot/Coconut Container Blend.

Apricot/Coconut Container wax is a brand new complex container blend of Apricot wax Ceda Serica & other quality ingredients. Designed to have a creamy off-white appearance. This wax has an excellent fragrance throw and evenness of burn. Also has good container adhesion As with all natural products, it can vary slightly from batch to batch. 129mp. This wax comes in Slab Form, NEW WAX IS A SINGLE POUR. This wax does contain Paraffin.

To our knowledge there is only 1 Apricot Coconut on the market with lots of different descriptions....

Clamshell Tart Mold (small)

Outside Height of Closed Clamshell: 4 1/8" Outside Width of Closed Clamshell: 2 3/4" Number of Cavities: 6 Great for tart candles. Each cavity has an approximate wax capacity of .31oz. Total capacity is approximately 2.1oz See more info for more dimensions.

Candle Wax Slabs
CW-CB5 Paraffin Pillar Blend

CB5 Paraffin Pillar Blend Candle Blend 5 works well with all types of molds - metal, plastic and silicone. This blend has good burning qualities and enables good release for molds. Candle Blend 5 makes colors appear more vibrant and improves surface gloss and hardness. It can be used with heavily scented candles. No additives are required. White Color. Heat wax above 170 for mixing color, add desired fragrance before pouring.

Granulated Bottle Sealing Wax
Granulated Bottle Sealing Wax 1 lb

Granulated Bottle Sealing Wax. Now available in Black, Blue, Bright White, Burgundy, Green, Gold, Purple, Red, Silver and Yellow. Quality Granulated Bottle Sealing wax for all types of sealing purposes. Yes you can mix and match and we will adjust pricing. (Ordering multiples of same color may be combined in one bag unless requested different in shipping instructions.)

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Tart Container paraffin wax.
Tart/Paraffin Container 5 lb

Tart Wax, custom blend has excellent fragrance throw and easily removes from tart mold. Very white in color, colors brightly and is a specially formulated blend, specifically designed as a cube wax. It has characteristics that enable it to carry high fragrance loads, not to mention being very economical. This formulation is capable, therefore, of having excellent throw..It is also smooth and creamy which exhibits color well.

$11.95 Quantity:
Multiwax w445
W-445 Microcrystaline Wax

Multiwax W-445 Microcrystalline Wax(Tacky Wax) CTFA listed and compliant with FDA 21 CFR 172.886 and 178.3710, requirements for food grade waxes. 174/180 MP Multiwax® Microcrystalline waxes act as bases for chewing gum, lipstick, cold creams and ointments. Other uses include Batik, wax impregnated paper, film, foil, and corrugated board for food packaging. Other products such as crayons, candles and caulk to sealants and fine polishes start with microcrystalline wax. PLEASE CALL FOR CASE PRICING AND AVAILABILITY.


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Paraffin Wax & Paraffin Blends

Paraffin Wax & Paraffin Blends

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