Zinc Core Wick

Why do some candles have metal-core wicks? Metal-core wicks are sometimes used in container candles and votives to keep the wick upright when the surrounding wax liquefies during burning. Today's metal-core wicks are made with either zinc or tin. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown both zinc- and tin-core wicks to be safe and non-toxic.

W-23 34-40 Zinc Core Wick

34-40 Zinc Core Wick (not prewaxed not tabbed)for 2"-3" Diameter Candles.

W-23B 44-20 Zinc Core Wick

44-20 Zinc Core Wick (not prewaxed not tabbed) for 2"-2 3/4" Diameter Candles

51-32-18 Zinc Container Wick WC-10D

6" Pre Waxed Pre Tabbed for 2.5"-3.5" Diameter Candles

60-44-18 Zinc Container Wick WC-11A

6" Pre Waxed Pre Tabbed for 3.5"-4" Diameter Candles

62-52-18 Zinc Contaner Wick WC-12A

6" Pre Waxed Pre Tabbed for 4"-5" Diameter Candles

Wick Stickums
Wick Stickums

Double sided sticker that fit on bottom of prewicked-wick tabs. Keeps your wick exactly where you want it in your container.

20 MM Wick Tabs
Wick Tab Supports 20mm x 6mm neck

Standard 20mm wick tab supports. Fits most wick sizes. Best way to recycle your leftover wick clippings!

36-24-24 Zinc Container Wick WC-9A

6" Pre Waxed Pre Tabbed for 1.5"-2" Diameter Candles

W-22E 36-24 Zinc Core Wick

36-24 Zinc Core Wick (not prewaxed not tabbed) for 1 1/4" -2" Diameter Candles.

36-24-24 Zinc Core Wick

36-24-24 Zinc Core Wick for votives and 1" - 2" Container candles.

51-32-18 Zinc Core Wick

51-32-18 Zinc Core Wick for 2.5"-3.5" Diameter Candles.

Wick Bar 3/4"

Wick bars are for holding the wick center while container candle cools.

Quantity: Please choose a size:
15 MM Wick Tabs
Wick Tab Supports 15mm x 3mm neck

15 mm x 9 mm neck
Wick Tab Supports Safety 15mm x 9mm neck

Safety Wick Tab Supports 15mm x 9mm neck Extra long neck for Safety.


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Zinc Core Wick

Zinc Core Wick

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