Wax Squeeze Pen

Squeeze Pen

Squeeze Pen Simple suction-type dispenser for painting and drawing with melted wax. Produces a controlled thin-to-thick line. For use by children ages 6 and over with adult supervision. THESE ARE ANODISED AND ARE ALUMINUM, they just look plastic. Want to clear up any confusion.



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1 Place Squeeze Pen in heated cup containing liquid wax. Leave it in for a minute to warm up. 2 Squeeze the rubber bulb to suction up liquid wax. Then release pressure on the bulb. 3 Gently squeeze the pen to release the wax. Draw or paint with the Squeeze Pen as soon as you suction up the wax before it cools down and hardens. 4 Before you place the Squeeze Pen back into the heated cup squeeze the bulb empty of any remaining wax. Wax left in the bulb will cool and harden. 5 If this happens you can remove the rubber bulb and clean it out with an applicator or blunt point. 6 To clean pen suction up clean paraffin and squeeze out several times until the wax comes out clear. Then make sure you have squeezed out all the melted wax before setting aside. For paints use water instead of melted wax.


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Squeeze Pen

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