Elvax 210 55 lbs bag

Great for water candles this additive raises the meltpoint thereby hardening the wax. Improves gloss and color brightness. Also it improves flexability where desirable i.e. water candles and adds toughness to the candle. It can cause burning problems but is well suited for use in overdip layers or hurricane shells. Meltpoint is approx 220F, MELT SEPARATELY and then add to wax.



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Elvax 210W 28 % By Weight Vinyl Acetate comonomer content Contains a "W" amide additive to improve pellet handling. Thermal Stabilizer: BHT antioxidant Applications Elvax® resins can be used in a variety of applications involving molding, compounding, extrusion, adhesives, sealants, and wax blends. Maximum Processing Temperature 230°C (446°F) General Processing Information Elvax® resins can be processed by conventional thermoplastic processing techniques, including injection molding, structural foam molding, sheet and shape extrusion, blow molding and wire coating. They can also be processed using conventional rubber processing techniques such as Banbury, two-roll milling and compression molding. Elvax can be used in conventional extrusion equipment designed to process polyethylene resins. However, corrosion-protected barrels, screws, adapters, and dies are recommended, since, at sustained melt temperatures above 446°F (230°C), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) resins may thermally degrade and release corrosive by-products. FDA Status Information Elvax® 210W EVA Resin complies with Food and Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 177.1350(a)(1) - - Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, subject to the limitations and requirements therein. This Regulation describes polymers that may be used in contact with food, subject to the finished food-contact article meeting the extractive limitations under the intended conditions of use, as shown in paragraph (b)(1) of the Regulation.


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Elvax 210 55 lbs bag

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