Some Pics of Mom and my shelties around the store and our camping trip

This page is from the past...So much changes so fast...Always appriciate what you have! I could say these were happier times but we try and find happiness all the time, but this was sure special time. Rest in Peace Princess and Spunky you were two of the best freinds a man could ever have. You both taught me the love a dog can offer that I had never known before. Jinx my kitty lived for 22 years before someone stole him, they didn't know how a 22 year old cat looks....but he was still happy and not suffering.

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Mom and Jinx, our shop kitty for 10 years now.

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Mom sitting in front of her waterfalls. The swans behind her used to be a 80' cedar tree! Still attached.

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Back at work!

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Gotta get these shelves just right!

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You get my mom and I'll get you! (PRINCESS)

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Look mom I can help.

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My Older brother Steve...Glad to see you Bro...

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From left to right, My cousin Leslie(she got all the good looks), my nephew Tom(Whom is extremely bright) mom and I.

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Uncle Peter, Auntie Brenda and a friend. What a beautiful garden!


She is grown now but just as pretty!


My favorite dog at my favorite camping area.


Just testing something.

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