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Swancam1 -Live streaming webcams from Swans Candle supplies, Lakewood, Washington, these webcams are in our store and on most days our shelties are somewhere around. Can you find them?

Please allow the active X to view cameras, Use "guest" as both the username and password. Click on screen to move camera. These live webcams are in our candle making supply section, front cashier and a view out front of our store. We have a DCS 5300W, DCS 6620, DCS 6620G all from Dlink. Ever since we changed to Qwest HD I have not been able to make cameras work. I am still working on it, if anyone from this area thinks they can help it sure would be appriciated!

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Updated: August, 19 2011

Ever since we changed to Qwest HD I have not been able to make cameras work. I am still working on it, if anyone from this area thinks they can help it sure would be appriciated!


Lots of changes at Swans this summer. Renee is really getting into Encaustic Art and has expanded our Art Supply section to include Wax Paints, Paintstiks and tools. We even have a section for "Best" Easels and Jack Richeson Easels. We are now a West Coast Distributor for Jack Richeson and Co inc. we will be stocking more and more of their supplies. We can always use help, if there is something we should carry drop Renee a line and let her know. Renee is planning some Encaustic Art clasees (Painting with wax) give her a call and check her schedule.

Encaustic Wax Paints and Paint Brushes

Art Supplies Best Easels

Art Supplies Richeson Easels

Glycerin, Kosher USP food grade vegetable.Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerine (glycerin). Vegetable Glycerine is a sweet substance typically obtained from palm or coconut oils. It is an alternative to alcohol for preserving herbal tinctures. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it will attract moisture to your skin. The more glycerin you have in your cosmetic recipe, the more moisture will be in your finished product.Food grade Glycerin

Our Encaustic paint will be here Friday March 25, 24 different encaustic wax paints. NW Encaustic introduces their first line of encaustic paint and medium...paint made by encaustic artists for artists. Hand milled and packaged at the NW Encaustic studio, carefully formulated to provide you with highly pigmented encaustic colors of the highest quality. Triple filtered encaustic ensures the clearest medium and cleanest colors.Encaustic wax paint

We have changed web hosting companies and feel our website will be improving and a lot faster.

We now carry Emulsifying wax, Emulsifying wax is one of the essential ingredients in making lotions and creams. Think of it as the “glue” that will hold your recipe together. We’ve all seen how oily salad dressings separate after sitting for a while. You then shake the bottle until it appears to be mixed, but if you look at it closely, you will see little balls of the oil suspended in the liquid. Left to sit, the dressing will again separate into its different properties. Lotions and creams are created from a mixture of water and oils. Without the addition of emulsifying wax, they too would separate back into water and oils.

We currently have 1 - used 120 lb water jacketed wax melter in stock. $800.00, can be viewed in swancam 1 and swancam 2.

We currently have 1 - used 60 lb water jacketed wax melter in great condition in stock. $600.00, can be viewed in swancam 1 and swancam 2.

We have made our candle fragrance oils pages easier to navigate. We have a new clickable list that has all our candle fragrance oils on one page in order with easy access back to the list. We are now working on getting the flash points listed. Our new candle scent page can be found at candle fragrance oils easy list

Thank you to all our returning Calwax customers. We listened to you and now have the CB-2, CB-30 and CB-55 all from Calwax, they will all be here Monday July 13. We have heard Accu-Blend will be coming out with a new MOTTLE all natural wax. Check back for details.

We are now also excepting PayPal and Google Checkout as additional otions for completing your order. You will see the new buttons in the checkout section.

Due to Strong Demand Starting June 30,2009 we will once again be carrying Calwax products. We will be stocking their CB3 Soy Wax Beads to start with and plan on carrying whatever our custmers demand. We will be selling their products at discounted prices.

Planning any fundraisers? Give us a call and we may be able to help you meet your goals with all natural soy candles. They are perfect for fundraising and come in a wide variety of containers and scent. Make your own, or we can make them and label them for you. We offer free local instruction and may come to your place to show you how easy it is. Why sell candy when you can sell candles?

We are now able to handle up to 40 people in our free candle making class, thank you Alki Tours for bringing so many friendly people. For local groups: We can come to your place to teach candle making with 10 or more people. Give Renee a call to find out details and make arrangements. Perfect for Church Groups.

We have added a live weather applet on our swancam 3 page that views outside so you can see the weather before you come out.

Have you checked out our candle fragrance and candle color pages lately? We have been adding new fragrances and plan to expand our list all summer. We now have Diamond color chips made right here at Swans and Dyeblocks, liquid dyes and concentrated dye flakes.

Accu Veggie wax Organic Container Candle Wax is here!!! Go Green! The Accu-Veggie Organic Container Blend is a blend of 3 all natural organic waxes & oils that are all certified organic by the NOP.(National Organic Program. A division of the USDA) This blend will hold up to 10% fragrance & has a very good hot & cold scent throw. It will adhere very well to the glass & burn very clean. As with all natural products you will see a slight variance in color from batch to batch. You will also get occasional frosting depending on the fragrance & sometimes depending on the temperature that you pour it at, the top will not be completely smooth. This can be eliminated by pouring hotter or you can reheat the top surface.

We now manufacture our own diamond color chips. We are working to carry many colors and hope to be fully stocked real soon. Look for the "S" on the chip to know you are getting high quality swans chips. We also will be carrying a full line of liquid color from French Color and Fragrance. We are a west coast Rep for French Color.

The Accu-Blend Coco-Wax (coconut Wax) Container Blend is ready to go. It has been fully tested by Accu-Blend & an outside lab. There you go the Official word from Accu-Blend, I will get my samples next week and should have a good inventory by the week after! Then Henry added...We have the Olive Oil Blend ready to go but still have not received the olive oil from our supplier. It is supposed to be here next Tuesday. If you like you can add this product also & we will have some ready late next week for sampling. At Swans Candles we are always trying to come out with the latest products so check back often. Hopefully I can meet some of our customers in Cancun at the World Candle Conference!

We are now stocking Accu-Blends, Accu-soy #10 100% pure soy, this Soy does not Frost (Bloom). 122 MP For Glass/Ceramic Container Candles. A smooth all natural blend of 100% soywax ingredients. It has excellent color retention, hot and cold scent throw and is clean burning. No additives required.Blended to eliminate frosting of colored candles & adheres very well to the glass. Pours with a smooth top & has very long burn times. As with all natural products,soy blends will vary slightly from batch to batch. One pour blend ! All raw materials are soy products All raw materials are manufactured in the US. All materials are FDA certified, Kosher certified & USP certified. We also carry other fine products from Accu-Blend.

We now accept American Express along with Visa and Mastercard to make your ordering easier. Our new shopping cart is working properly and securely.

We can now ship to Alaska and Hawaii with competive rates by Barge. We can ship up to 11 boxes to most Hawaiian Islands docks for $130.00. Call us for your quantity needs and a shipping quote.

We have a new shopping cart and are working on getting product in it as fast as we can, we have started in the novelty candle section. Our shopping cart now works for FedEx shipping. We do not add extra for handling and are honest with shipping costs.

We have added a message board to our candle making supply website at Message Board we hope to be able to answer questions there and a good place for our customers to meet. It is basic right now and we would appreciate any imput to make it better.

We now have 12 Aromatherapy candle fragrances in stock. These candle scents are Exclusive to Swans Candles. You can find them at Aromatherapy candle fragrance

We are finally working on getting our new site going. We would like any feedback by email as to changes people want. See our new site at NEW STORE

We are sorry that our shopping cart is not working. We have been promised daily it is almost done. We have finished our remodel and have expanded our candle making section.

Check out our new "in store specials and closeouts" section in our store. We have come across some good deals to pass on to our customers. We have finally found someone to make a new website for us and hope to have a brand new web site online very soon.

We now have over a thousand used molds out for $2.00 each as is. Good reason to stop by Swans Candles and take a look. Also have lots of scent on sale, as it is not our stock scent it is only available to walk-in customers. We are growing come check us out! We also have 4 400lb used melters for $800.00 each.

We have just lowered our prices on 1 and 4 oz candle scents. We have included most of our fragrances and are expanding our selection each month. Our Quality has remained the same and still stands us apart from our competition. Please check back often as we grow our candle scent department.

Candle tins, we now carry the deep 4oz., 6oz. and 8oz. candle tins. These make wonderful soy container candles and many other uses. Will be online soon call 888-848-7926 for orders.

We have more than doubled the space in our candle making section of our store. We are remodeling the rest of the store and will more than double our total space. We would like to thank all our loyal customers and we are always striving to fill all your candle making needs at low fair prices. We are now accepting resevations for candle making classes. Come in and sign up or send name and phone number in an E-Mail.

We have added 10 new Pure Essential oils in our 1/2 pound and 1 pound scent section. We have also been adding more Candle scent to our 1/2 pound and 1 pound scent section.

We now have great prices on Zinc core prewaxed wick tabs. Check our bulk and wholesale page for prices.

We have added case wax pricing to our shopping cart in candles supplies section. We have dropped our case pricing to reflect our wholesale prices on all cases of wax. We still offer discounts for mutiple quantities.

Candle fragrance oil price reduction. Great news for the West Coast, Swans candles now has pounds of candle scent starting at $14.95. 1/2 pounds start at $9.95 Same great fragrances as always just more competitive pricing. Stop in and smell any of our wonderful candle scents, we will be adding more as they come in so check back often.

Our new palm wax "Crystal bright" is in stock and makes awesome natural candles. Crystal mottle effect.

We have now added both zinc core and Ultracore all cotton votive wicks to our wholesale and bulk supplies page. The ultracore is a patented all natural stiff cotton core wick. Works well in parrafin and soy waxes.

Tealight cups, we now have both plastic and aluminum teaLight Cups in stock in bulk and wholesale supplies.

Glass Containers, we now have a large selection of glass containers in our retail candle making supplies section.. We also offer amber boston rounds from 1/2ounce - 16 ounces.

We now carry white and yellow beeswax in bead form. It comes in 45 lb boxes or by the pound. Beeswax is secreted by the bees (Apis Mellifica) and used to construct the hive. It is recovered by melting the wax hive after the honey has been removed. The melted beeswax is then filtered and in some cases bleached. Beeswax is used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, candle and other applications.

We now have Microcrystaline wax from CalWax. This wax has a MP of 176. It works great for Embeds and as an additive.

Calsoy-PB3, MP-140, PB3 Soy Based 100% Natural Pillar Blend. A blend of soy wax and other natural ingredients. The first 100% natural pillar blend that we have seen with good fragrance hold, good burning and the ability to mottle or not mottle depending upon pour temperature.

We now have 2 New soy wax container blends. CALSOY FA-CB2 Soy based full adhesion container candle blend This special blend has a smooth creamy surface that gives maximum adhesion to container walls. For most sizes only one pour is required. Candles made from this product have excellent scent throw and burn very cleanly when properly wicked. And CB3 All Natural Container Blend This blend is made from 100% hydrogenated soy and vegetable oils. A truly one pour blend with minimal shrinkage. Candles made from this product are very smooth, with excellent scent throw.

We now have clear glass bobeches with 5 hooks without the prisms for $2.50 each. Check out Bobeche Part 2!

New candle wax new candle wax prices! Check out our wholesale candle wax page,( https://www.swanscandles.com/wholesale-candle-wax.htm ) we now offer CALWAX, a commercial quality wax at great low prices. Our new one pour will hold up to 15% scent load with no additional additives. The scent throw is awesome. Our candle blend #5 is a creamy smooth pillar wax that also will hold 12-15% scent without any additives this wax will release from any kind of candle mold.

Embeds, we now have an assortment of candle gel embeds. Our embeds are made of a non-flammable poly resin which allows for realistic detail.

New in our novelty candle section, a beautiful collection of Zodiac candles. Each candle comes packaged as a gift with with a tag and charm necklace which corresponds with each sign.

New in our Novelty candle section, check out our new Glowing Wave Candles. They come as Balls or Pillars and will really bring you back to the 60's. Flourescent Layers, amazing affects. Each candle is hand cut and made right here in the good ole USA! Also check out the new Hidden Treasure Castle candles in our treasure candle section. Each candle comes with a once upon a time story... Hidden inside each candle is a goldplated ring or charm which is revealed when burned. A scroll with the castles legend is attached with a cascade of gold ribbon and stars. Each candle is festively gift packaged and available in four styles.

We now carry Thermo Plastic Resin and White Mineral Oil, for those that want to make candle gel or make the gel they have free standing. Our mineral oil is Duoprime 200 which is USP and cosmetic safe!

We now carry 4 kinds of all natural vegtable wax. Wax Natural 5800 is a smooth pillar and votive wax. Wax Natural 2810 is a smooth look container wax. Wax Natural 2800 is a "Crystaline Look" pillar and votive wax and Wax Natural 2761 is a Crystaline container wax. We have found that with the crystaline wax the wick needs to be a size or two larger than with regular wax.

Check out our new "Mold Magnates" These make candle making with metal molds a snap. No more messy mold sealer or broken wicks from screws! These Magnates are designed to get stronger with heat. Do not try with your refrigerator magnate as you will have a mess!

Want Oil candle accessories well we have them! Check out all the new items in our oil candle accessories page we now have everthing to make your own oil candles! Plus check out our new molds we have added some plastic molds as well as a whole lot of new "FLUTED" molds.Also expecting an order from Yankee Candles anytime with lots of new scents.

We have made changes all thru our site and are adding items and pages all the time. There will be lots of new Yankee Candle scents in our next order being shipped May 9, 2002. We have added some Plastic molds and floating candle molds. For our commercial customers we have added our wholesale wax and will have a special page for some of our crafters that shop at Swans Candles.

With all the concern with lead wicks I would like to let everyone know that Swans Candles does not sell any wick or candles with lead in them! Remember to clip your wicks before you light your candles to keep them burning cleanly.

We have been adding more animals thru out our site check back often!

Check out our Candle Making area we have added our new Seamless Aluminium Molds.These molds seem to have real good release and no pesky seam to clean up! We will be adding a few more shapes soon.

You will love the fire and flash of these stunning new Gemstone Candles. They are completely unlike any candle you've ever seen. When lit, the entire candle fills with a brilliant display of light which reflects off its faceted sides and bursts into dazzling rays of color! Light one and you'll agree, it is the most extraordinary candle ever created. Available in Diamond, pictured below, as well as five other Gemstone colors.

Well Yankee has done it again. They have just sent us their new Large Jars of Rainbows End and Cookies and Cream. Rainbows End; Fragrance: Like country air after a storm; fresh, clean and cool.Seasonality: Spring/Summer.Emotional Quality: Calming. Color:Robin's Egg Blue. Cookies and Cream; Fragrance: A rich and creamy chocolate-vanilla delight. Seasonality: Year-round. Emotional Quality: Comforting. Color: Ivory. Both these scents just go to show Yankee Candles are the best for scented candles!

We have just changed our Candle Making kits. Now our regular Candle Making Kit has 3 lbs of wax and 1 ounce of Vanilla scent for the same low price of $24.95! In addition to that we now have a large Candle making kit that has 6 lbs of wax and 2 ounces of Vanilla scent that will make 4 3x6 candles. Of course all our kits now contain "Dussek Campbell" wax.

We now have the NEW YANKEE Seaside Holiday and Green Grass to really get that "Spring Time feeling" We have these new scents in Large Jars, Small Jars, wrapped tarts and wrapped samplers. We have also added Daffodil, Stargzer Lily and Tulips in 3x9's and Small Jars

WOW, Have you tried the three new Yankee Scents? Daffodil, Stargazer Lily and Tulips, I feel they have really come out with winners this time! Get into the mood of spring a little early with these exciting new scents. Right now we have them in Large Jars, Wrapped Samplers, Tealights and Tarts. Keep your eyes open for SEASIDE HOLIDAY, it is actually Summer Holiday being brought back to be introduced in mid March along with Green Grass. You can count on Swans to have them as soon as they become available.

Just in, our new GEL CANDLE KITS! Now you can learn to make those new gel candles that burn 5 times longer than wax. See how easy it is to make lots of new interesting Candles. Finally have a good use for that special glass or old jar that you just can't get rid of. Gel candles are easy to make and and lots of fun.

We are proud to be able to introduce Colonial at HOME exquisite home fragrances. The Colonial at HOME collection of exquisite home fragranced candles carries the same promise of excellence that customers have come to expect from Colonial Candle of Cape Cod. Each candle has a unique wax formula designed for the highest concentration of specially selected fragrances. The hand-poured finish of the wax indicates the high level of fragrance oil in every candle. The Colonial at HOME exclusive signature oval glass pieces are a elegant way to experience home fragrances. The breathtaking labels can be easily removed to allow you to enjoy using these glass pieces long after the candles have burned. We were sent samples of the candles and I must say that we and others are quite impressed. Good scent throw, clean burning and a great looking jar.

The "Ten for Nine" plan is doing very well and many of our customers are taking advantage of the savings. Certain items are now available under the plan, order ten and pay for nine. Look for this sign

<<img alt="10 for 9" src= "Checkout4Pro/images/special.gif">

So far the plan applies to Color Chips, Candle Scents, and Bright Lights Votives. These votives are quite unusual multicolored, highly scented and burn for 16 hours. Bright Lights is a line that is new to our store in Tacoma, Washington and sales have been brisk.

We have just added a new item made by Bright lights which is a hexigon shaped jar filled with 8 oz of palm wax and burns for 55 hours. You will find them listed in the Brights Lights section under Candles.

In an effort to improve the ability to navigate throughout the Swans Candles web site there has been many changes made. In most cases, it is not necessary to scroll down the various index pages in order to see what is contained in a particular section. Hopefully, making it easier to find what you are looking for. The latest change has been to add an online search capability. Now, all you have to do is type the name of the item you are looking for in the search box, click on the "Go" button and if it is a item that that is listed on our web site, you will whisked to the location of the page pronto!!!

We are excited about the "White Birch" Log candles that have just arrived, they are so realistic. At first put in a small order just to see what they looked like, the general comment was "Got to get more and soon". The second order is here. So if you will look in the Christmas candle section you will see what all the excitement is about.

Check out the two new pages in the "Candle Accessories Department" called "Misc Candle Accessories" and "Bobeches". In the "Misc Candle Acessories" page you will find a refillable candle lighter, two different types of Tart Warmers, and a wick trimmer for those hard to reach wicks. The "Bobeches" page lists 20 different bobeches.

The Candle Craft Section has been expanded to include four new pages titled "Frangrance Flash Points". Customers that make Gel Candles have an interest in the flash point of the scents they are using, so we are making that information available. The pages are still under construction as we are adding more "Flash Points" as they come in from our suppliers.

Many of the items that you find on our web site and in our store are the result of requests from customers. It is our policy to listen to what our customers have to say and if possible respond to their desires.

Time permitting we plan on updating this page once a month or sooner if something exciting happens.

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