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November 30,2007
Note/Question = Next day delivery????? -- I CAN\'T believe it! Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU! ! ! ordered yesterday - arrived today.. Everyone I talked to was very helpful and professional. Glad I found a WA supplier! Paula in Everett Date = Thursday, November 29, 2007 hello, i just made your perfume recipe with beeswax and i love it. reading through these wonderful recipe made me stumble apon the unpetroleum jelly which suggests baby oil. but thats exactly the ingredient of baby oil. which really really sad. but i am sure a healthy oil would work just as good without the nasty "carsmell". didnt mean to complain, just thought you might have not noticed. i will definately try lots more of your recipes!!!! have a great day. kind regards Sanja
Hi Sanja, Those are just different recipes we have run across and thought we would pass along. Pete

Hi Just wanted to thank you for all the help and information you and Renee Gave my sister Becky today. You have a great shop and we both plan on being a regular customer. Thanks again Renee S.

Thanks for my order!!! You guys are great, I love that I can place my order and with in a fews days it arrives. Thanks Thanks again Daphne

You guys are amazing! 24 hours after my order-the wax is at my door! Thank you for the terrific service! Michelle

Hey Guys, Your candles are really popular here in Iraq. Everybody loves them, it keeps up morale here. The soldiers are always asking me for more candles. I get requests for more scents. I'll keep in touch more too. I came off leave last week, I was in Texas and had fun. SPC Laurie Suarez 63rd Ordnance Company Al Taqqaddum (We hope and pray for each of our Hero's in Iraq...and help when we can)
Replacement arrived in the mail today....I think you guys are faster than Netflix. Thanks so much. Jeanie
I recieved this message from a customer..."Comments: Your ISP's (for the shoppingcart/checkout facility) security certificate is out of date or invalid. They should correct this ASAP. I'm proceeding with the transation, but with some anxiety." Our shopping cart is secure but the certificate is in the name of our webhost Hostcentric. If you are concerned you can use the following link to access our new website...
"Hi Pete! I have to tell you I'm impressed with your shipping speed! Wow! The wax arrived today. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try it out - I'm sure I'm going to be as impressed with the wax as I am so far with your customer service. :) Thanks again! Lori
Dear Mr. Davis: Thank you for responding to my question. I also wanted to say how pleased I was with my first ordering experience with your company. It was prompt and efficient. (So many other companies aren't!) Thanks, Gayle C
"Dear Swan Candles, I just recieved my shipment of 2 Yankee Candle Blueberry Muffin Lg. Jars. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and they came quickly, in perfect shape, and are exactly what I ordered. I will be ordering from you in the future. These candles are a surprise birthday present for my fiance who loves the Blueberry Muffin scent but, can no longer find it since it was discontinued. She will be surprised and will love them I am sure. Thank you. Sincerely, Matthew B
"Pete, Tell your Mom that I really feel good about the way you both have handled this sale and my complaint about the tarts. I think the two of you are a great example of what is really lacking today in the business world. I have found that so many times customer service means nothing and you have to deal with people that could really care less not realizing that it is a reflection of not only them but their business. I'm very happy and you can reassure her of that. I'm not used to such great follow-up on matters that have come up in my life and I'm 50 years old so I've been around for awhile. Thank you so very much for the very prompt attention and the absolutely awesome follow-up on every one of my emails. You can be sure that I'll mention your web site to my friends and family when they are looking for candles….you have some very unique items that I've never seen before. Thank you again so very much…and tell your Mom that there is no need to credit my card. I feel guilty to put you through the work of making tarts for me…the thought has been very generous and very appreciated. If you get a chance take a look at my web site. My husband set me up as I'm always messing around with crafts and making things that make other people happy. I have a real soft spot for family and memories and got into my dream of making quilts about 4 years ago. I decided I had this vision and after the tragic loss of my sweet granddaughter at a very young age I found myself searching for a way to find some peace and this has helped me tremendously. So take a look at: A very grateful customer….Sandi F
"THANK YOU!! I appreciate the quick response. By the way, I love the wax! It's the best one I've worked with and I will be ordering from you for now on! J. Sherman Spokane Wa.
"Hi: I placed an order for several Yankee Candles from Swans Candles last week, and then went away for a few days. While I was away, Pete left me a very nice voice mail to tell me that one of the Yankee Candle Housewarmers I ordered was no longer available, and to please call regarding the rest of the order. Since I was not home to receive the message, the order was shipped to me, and I was amazed at the speed with which I received the other two candles I ordered. Since one of the candles was a retired scent, I was appreciative of the fact that the price for it was the same as candles that are still being produced. Too many retailers seize the opportunity to charge big money when they have a retired Yankee Candle in stock. So I guess you could say that I am an EXTREMELY satisfied customer who will most definitely be shopping on this website again! Thanks again, I Vigo
" I recently purchased the FA-CB-2 Soy wax. WOW! I am so impressed. The soy wax that I was previously using left ridges after burning. This wax is so silky smooth after each burn! It burns clean with no soot left on the edges of the jar. I love this wax, and so do my customers. Oh and the blueberry cobbler is wonderful. I will be stopping by soon for more! Sincerely, Taliene - Olympia, WA
"Thank You! I have poured several of my jack-o-lanterns, and so far I'm just thrilled!!!! I've poured at a couple of different temperatures. .. .so I'll see what looks best. With the Genwax I had to pour at 100 degrees or lower - it was almost thick when I poured! But so far today I'm LOVIN' this stuff! I'm working with a Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll scent and when my son came home from work, he thought I was baking! Ha! Thanks for just everything. I'm looking forward to coming down, and I'm sure I'll need much more of this blend! Michele
"Dear Swans (cute) I wanted to take a moment and send you a quick note of thanks. In early May, I placed an order of CW #140 and CB #5 from your company. You patiently listened to my frustration about having waited seven weeks plus for my previous wax vendor to fill my order. All the while believing them, when they said their shipments would arrive in few days. Blah, blah, blah now I was down to my last 11 lbs and desperate. TOTAL PANIC, I had ration the wax and almost missed out on some pretty large orders. Frustrated beyond words, I stayed up until 3AM the night before I phoned you, looking online for someone who had wax available for order. Finally, I stubble upon your site.... THANK GOD! And the rest they say is history. You delivered a higher grade product, within 2 days and at a cheaper price (price per lb and shipping). I love it! My candles are coming out fabulous! They hold color and scent much better than the previous versions. The CW #140 makes a wonderful mottled candle. And there are no words for the CB #5, the candles come out smooth as silk. I couldn't be happier. My little company is barely six months old and based on recent sales/activity, I see tremendous potential. Thank you for your contribution to the company's success and helping me make a better product. Your advice, expertise and excellent customer service are invaluable. I look forward to a long partnership. ...and needless to say, I dumped the other vendor all together. Here's to a bright future! Erica W., Makeda Candle and Soap Co. San Francisco CA
"hi there I got my mineral oil but you over charged me $2.00, my total was 34.62 not 36.62. Christina "Dear Christina, We will have to put my mother in jail! She checked and did indeed overcharge you and she does feel bad. She has as I am writing put a $2.00 credit in for you. I am really sorry and this was an honest mistake not something we do! Have a great day! Pete"
"Pat: We received both shipments in great shape. The followers are of high quality. I am very pleased with them. Thanks for your help. Ron..
"Hello again, The candles arrived today and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! Thank you so much for the exceptional service and quality items. I will be back .. and soon! Jody M.
"Got my order today. Thank you very much. The bobeches are perfect (with the exception that I happened to pick the same exact ones my mother-in-law has without even knowing it : )) Looking forward to ordering from you again soon. M. Rodriguez-Fusco
"Hi Pat, Thanks for the update, my package arrived yesterday and the candle making started last night. Thanks for the prompt shipment, and I will take you up on the next order for the larger quantity and the very fair shipping price. Lynda M. Columbia City OR.
"Pat, Thank you for your prompt attention to my order, You can rest assured that our future candle business will be handled by you. Respectfully, J Campbell South Haven MI
"Dear Pete, I have received my order just today Nov. 20. Thank you so much for the good service, everything was in perfect shape. I will definitely order again from your store. Belen D. Hung Hom, Hong Kong
"Thanks Pete...I don't mean to be a pain in the's just that I have to make some decisions and I have deffinately decided on the CB5, but think I will stick to my 5766A.... so make that 1 cs CB5 48.00 & shipping 13.40 = $61.40...I am calling very shortly...I will stick with the CB5 and will order 3 cases when you get it....I am also sending a couple of people, but they will tell you I sent them... but I just can't switch container waxes's way scarry since my reputation is based on my wonderful candles and scent throw...maybe soon I will be able to wean myself off all BP wax the meanwhile I have found it for 46.50 cs and UPS shipping and I can live with that.... I want to thank you so much for the great customer service... it is much appreciated and I will send everyone I can to you.... KAT 11-14-2002
Dear Pete~ I have just poured 10# of your new container wax - CW-30CB and thought I'd give you my review on it.... It's probably the best container one-pour I have even used. As advertised, there are no sink holes and makes a nice smooth top... it's actually a "one-pour". I also noticed that it not only holds more FO than most waxes, but the scent even cold is incrediable! I have used my present brand of container wax for years now and swore that I would never switch... guess what? I am switching immediately! Thanks for the wonderful customer service and for offering this wonderful wax. I also have had excellent luck with the new CW pillar blend. Sincerely, KAT - KAT's Country Candles

"Pat, Thanks for the e-mail. I love the personalized service SO MUCH! I will be ordering again because you treat me so nicely. Thank you, Janet J.
"Dear Pat: The candles were received in good condition. They are beautiful. Thanks. Richard M. Key Biscayne FL. Thanks Richard we were worried sending them in August!
"Bobeches arrived today. Safe and sound! Thank you. They are beautiful and will add a lovely touch to the black wrought iron candelabras we are using in our daughter's wedding reception. Debra Y. New Bethleham Penn.
"We placed an order with you on June 28 (Friday) and it arrived on July 1 (the following Monday) in Georgia! Everything was in perfect condition and smelled wonderful. We were extremely impressed with your speed and with the quality of your products. We will definitely be shopping with you again.BTW, your Web site is very easy and comfortable to use-that's also a big plus! Thanks again.Steve J. Applied Computer Technology
"Hi Pat, I did receive my package already. I do love the scents. My son will be in to visit you again. He said you had many more things in your store. I am sending him a list of what I am looking for. He may need your help, and I thank you in advance for helping him. Oh is name is Luke, he is in the Air Force on base in your town. He told me about your store that is how I found you. Give him a hug from his mom when he comes in. Thanks again, Claudia K Wilmington Il.
"Hi..........I would like you to know that your service has been most excellent. I will definitely be back in the future! Thanks for being so speedy!
"Thanks for keeping in touch. I am so glad I found you on the net. I'll send other business your way. Again, thanks for the prompt service. Alice R. Huntsville Al.
"Hi Pat , Thanks for the information. Let's be extravagant, and go for air mail !! I appreciated the opportunity to choose, and I am glad I found your web's excellent (uncomplicated ) Regards Gerry U.K.
"Dear Ken and Pat, Just had to e-mail you once again, and tell you that I received my order today that I just placed Saturday. Boy, what great service you all have, and as usual, your products are out of this world. Thanks so much for caring enough to get those packages out so quickly to all of us who don't buy in such huge quantity. Again, thanks and I really do appreciate you being so prompt. P.S. I loved the sample of the new caramel, smells great!!!! Thanks again, Robbi & Tim C. Collinsville, Mississippi
Be well......Mia South Euclid Oh.
"To: Swans Thank you for the very, very rapid delivery of your products. The Candle scents that I ordered (some of which are very hard to find) were shipped and deliverd by the next day, and they smell wonderful I shall have to order more from you again. Thank you, Michael T. Springfield Ore. P.S.. Your candle scents page is great to order from but difficult to locate, it was by accident that I found it. I kept getting the temp. page. Which by the way is great to know, but a more direct path to the scents page might be helpful
"Thanks for the suggestion Micheal T. I have changed the order of the page I hope this helps! Pete
"Thanks, Pat I ordered one of these for myself and I love it! This one's a gift, and I may order more! Your site is the only place I have ever seen it. Regards, Shirl Monmouth Junction NJ
"Received the parcel last week. Thank you for such excellent service I will be in touch in the new year for other supplies. Seasons greetings to you all. Denis S Biggin Hill UK
"Box arrived today - it is exactly what I wanted and couldn't find anywhere in Northern Wisconsin. Thank you for your quick response to my order, the internet is a 'Good Thing' Thank you so much Mary Ruth R.
"Dear Pete, I have received the colors and scents that I have ordered today. I am very glad to see all the items are there and in good condition. Thank you for a very personalized service that you provide. I will definely order more candle supplies from you in the future. Hazel R. Hong Kong
"Thank you for sending me the e-mail about my order. I like doing business with ya'll. Thank You, Leigh W. Coushatta, LA.
"Thank you Pat for your prompt response. I indeed will keep you in mind for my future candle needs. Thanks again. John B. Santa Cruz Ca.
"Dear Pete and Pat, Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the quick response to my order. Not only did I receive it so quick but I just loved my tart burner. I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future. Thanks so much Beth S. Richmond Ky
"Thank You!!! I received everything I ordered and each item is in fine shape. Thank you for being prompt!.. Peace... Leo, St.Louis, Mo
"Pat, you have the best scents! I have ordered from you several times and will continue to do so! Thanks!! Lorrie, Lyndon, KS
"Hi Pat, Thx for letting me (know) you had sent my order out... and I will be placing more orders with you in the near future you can count on it.. Once again thx. I'll e-mail when I recieve it Thx William, Ontario, Canada
"Dear Pat, Thanks so much for your prompt reply to my email. I appreciate your personal attention to my order. The birthday greeting will be great. I'm sure Paul will be very excited to receive the supplies. Sue C. Carmichael, CA
"It was very exciting to find your web site...I love candles and when I saw the company is in Tacoma Washington, I knew I had found my new candle source! I have lived in San Diego for the last twelve years but was born and raised in Seattle....miss it terribly all though you can't beat the weather down here. Best to you both, Charlotte
"Hi Pete, the order arrived safe and sound today. I'll try it out this weekend. Thanks again. Liz W Tuen Mun, New Territories,Hong Kong
"Pat, I am just getting caught up on mail today and already am enjoying the bobeche. They are BEAUTIFUL -- more lovely than any I have seen in stores here, and we are a shopping mecca in this area. Thanks for the great service, they all arrived quickly and safely. I will certainly be a repeat customer and will reccommend your website to my friends. God bless you, Barb T Fort Wayne, IN
"Dear Pat, Just a quick note to let you know that the candle has arrived in the UK safely. I am delighted with it, the pictures on your website don't do it justice! Thank you very much for all your help, and I hope you are all recovered from the earthquake now, best wishes, Josie D
"Dear Pat, I wanted to thank you for processing my order and shipping it as fast as you did. In fact, I had made orders (for non-candle) things at a big company online before making an order with you, and I still haven't received them. You all are great!! I will be sure to make all my future candle purchases with you! Once again, thank you very much. Katherine B Ft Hood, Tx
"Thank you! I am new to candlemaking. My friend told me about your color chips. She is really impressed that you sell small amounts of color chips for so inexpensively. This gives us a great way to expiriment with colors at a low cost. Thanks again, Renee M
"Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so excited that I finally found what I've been looking for. I have been looking for about five months and the Internet was my last resort. I am a BIG candle person so you will be hearing from me again soon. You must do a great business because you sure treat your customers right." D.W., Arden, NC
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that we made candles today using the supplies that we purchased from you. They were WONDERFUL! We were very pleased and will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future." G.P. L.P., Dublin, VA
"We already received the box of clown candles. My mother was shocked at how quickly they came. She said that they are absolutely adorable and very pleased with my choice. Thank you so much for your time!" L.S., Medinah, IL
"I love doing business with Swans Candles. I live in a small town and don't have much in the way of craft stores, and Ken gets me my supplies to make candles. I order my molds, scents and dyes from Swans Candles and have been very satisfied with the mechandise and the service. I will continue to do business with Swans Candles and recommend them to anyone interested in candles." S.W., Pt Huron, MI
"Thank you for all you help. I have received the swans and they look great! I definitely will keep you in mind for any future businees I can send your way. Again, thank you." H.A., Redwood City, CA
"I just want you to know that you are very delightful to shop with. I will be ordering again in a few months. Thanks for all your help. C.S., Chicago Ridge, IL
"Thank you Ken - received shipment today - am very pleased and will be doing more business in the future - thanks so much." P.C., Frankfort, KY
"Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will definitely order more from you in the future." L.S., Mt Pleasant, SC
"Thank you so much for sending the picture. It is great! I appreciate you getting the ivory swans for our daughter's wedding. They will make it very special, as her grandmother collected swans and that is the reason for the swan theme." C.F., Tacoma, WA
"Nice site - good prices - wonderful on-line ordering process !" D. & C., San Jose, CA
"I just wanted to thank you for your great service in my candle supply order. I just opened a small candle business and I will most definitely order from you in the near future. Thank you and best wishes to your business." L.M., Santa Clara, CA
"I must tell you my mother has had the same "turkey" candle on her dining room table every Thanksgiving for at least 25 years. He has definitely seen better days, so I thought I would search the Internet for a new one! I was so excited to find your site and it was so easy to use. I went right to the farm animals section and scrolled down...there they were! We are anxiously awaiting his arrival and we will definitely keep you in mind for futuring ordering. Thank you for your kindness." J.M. Chicago, IL
"Please give a HUGE pat on the back to whomever packaged my order. The mail carrier put the box right behind my truck wheel at the closed garage door and I backed over it when leaving. NOTHING WAS BROKEN!! Amazing, since I had ordered about 30 bottles of candle scent. Whatever happened to leaving the package on the front porch???? By the way, I was home." B.A-R. Woodstock, GA
"Thanks for the fast processing of my order. I wanted to say that I received the dragons yesterday. They are absolutely wonderful. My brother collects dragons and these will be a fine addition to his collection." K.S Raleigh, NC
"I just wanted to thank you for your quick response. It is a pleasure to order from you! I will certainly keep your site bookmarked for any future needs and I will recommend your business to friends and family. Once again, thank you !" J.T. Brunswick, OH
"Thank you Mr. Swan - my daughter and I made candles (for the first time) and they actually out nice. The directions were very helpful, so please pass that on. As you can see (by an order) we have come back too, it's nice to have people that do take the time to answer questions for beginners. Thank you again." V & BJ Sneads Ferry, NC
"Hi ! Whoever designed your web site should get a bonus! This site is the best ! Easy, fast & comprehensive. You are the best! C.G. Ford City, PA
"I just wanted to let know how much I appreciate your quick and very satisfactory service. Everthing that I have ever ordered from you all has been above and beyond my expections. Your fragrance oils are the best!!! I appreciate the promptness that I always receive from your company. I will continue to order from you in the future T. and R. C. Collinsville, MS
"Hi! I recieved my candles on Wednesday...I was very surprised they arrived so quickly. Especially because just Monday morning I received a phone call from someone at your company letting me know that one of the candles I ordered was out of stock. (he was very polite and professional on the phone, by the way!) I myself am in sales and try my hardest to always give my customers A#1 over the top service...yours blew me away! Keep up the good work, you definitely just gained a customer! M.S. Chigago, Il
"Mr I received my Porky Pig candles and just had to write and tell you how happy I am with them! The picture on your website didn't do them justice...They are perfect and I thank you so much...Thanks again... S.S. Ridgeland, Ms
"Hi Pat, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your amazingly quick service. I received the candles on Sept.18. They are exactly what I wanted. If all goes well, I will be ordering more. Thanks so much, B.M. Las Vegas, Nv
"Hello Pat, Thank you for the note, I received the package this afternoon, all is well. Thanks again for the quick response/order fill. I will be back in the future for more supplies. Regards, Z.P. Medford,Ma
Hello- I have received my candles etc. The ball candles are beautiful!! I am using the wicks/holders to recycle candles that didn't burn well. I microwave them and put in a new wick untill they are all used up. I will be ordering more from Swan Candles! So glad I found you on the Internet. Thanks, J.K.B. Beachwood, Ohio
"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I received my order today and I just ordered it Thanksgiving Day! Everything was very well packed and looked just like I expected. I love to collect oil candles so these will be tough to give away for Christmas presents. I will be ordering from you again soon! Thanks you so much for such great customer service!!! Barbara Waco,Texas
"Hi Pat, I just wanted to thank you for the order you sent (P.O. #2019). I was very impressed with the speed and quality of the order. We make a lot of candles for gifts and live in an area that supplies are hard to get. I have put your website on my "favorites" and plan to do a lot more business with you. Again thank you so much, Sincerely, Anne S. Durango,Co.
"Hi, I just had to tell you that I received the candles I ordered today and dealing with Swans Candles was one of the nicest experiences I've had! Your phone call to inform me that the scent I wanted was out-of-stock was extremely appreciated and Midsummer's Night was the perfect substitution! The candles were packed beautifully and they arrived in perfect condition and FAST. It was truly a pleasure and I will definitely keep you in "My Favorite Places. Sue H. Morris,IL.
"Thank you so much for the quick service, I wish every online company operated like you! Michele S. Chicagc,IL
"The package arrived today, All is well, Thanks. Ziggy P. Medford,ME.
"My order arrived today. Thank you. This is only the second order I have purchased/received from you. I am very impressed with how quickly my orders were processed and sent. I also noticed the care which was taken to make sure my orders arrived safely. The quality of your products are top notch, your selection is excellent and your prices are wonderful! Even with the shipping, the total cost of the orders were below what I would have paid at any of the stores in my area I am very glad that I was able to find you online and will most definately come to you with all my candle making needs. Thanks again, Lori, Illinois
"Dear Pete, I received the candles yesterday and am already enjoying them. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery. Kay, Colorado Springs,CO.

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