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Welcome to our candle department, here you can find Swans All Natural Hand Poured Candles and more. The Yankee candle line is known for its use of strong scents. We stock the Yankee candle scents in the three sizes of jars, samplers, potpourri tarts and scented tealights. The Christmas candle section contains Santa Clauses, carolers, Nativity Scene, Nutcracker Soldier, Snowball, and an assortment birch logs. Most likely the birch logs should not be in the Christmas candle section, but when I saw the logs I said "The Christmas candle section." The Novelty Candles section is so large that we had to arrange it into separate catagories. Enter Our Online Store and you will find Angels, Clowns, Food "related". The Angels range from large Angels to small Angels. The Clowns are imported from Italy and are some of the best Clowns around. A Mystical section with Dragons, Gargoyles, and Unicorns, also a People section with Buddhas, Socerers, and Wizards. Then you come to the fun part where Swans Aquarium and Sea World, Swans Aviary, Swans Cat and Dog House, Swans Farm Animals, Swans Sports Arena, and finally Swans Zoo are located. This area is home for animals, birds, cats, dogs, eagles, flamingos, owls, sea gulls, swans, fish, frogs, whales, penguins, porpoises, turtles, turkeys, honey bears, bisons, brontosaurus, and elephants to mention a few. To order please use checkout buttons or call 1-888-848-7926 or E-Mail candles@swanscandles.com

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