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Gel and Powdered Dye

We Now Sell Resin and Mineral Oil!!!

Our Gel is a crystal clear. Melt the gel at 180F degrees and add fragrance and color if desired. The correct amount of scent to use is 1/2oz per pound, using too much scent will make the gel cloudy. If you would like to color the gel, use powdered candle dye. Powdered dye is highly concentrated so use sparingly or you will lose the desirable translucent quality of the gel. The gel will be wrapped and sold in an aluminum foil tray. Each Regular size tray will contain approx 5 - 7 lbs of High Density gel and sell for $2.49 per pound. Because of customer demand we now have a Large size tray which contains a little over 8 - 9 1/2 lbs of High Density gel and sells for $2.49 per pound. Each container is weighed individually and the tray is subtracted. Price will vary because of weight. Due to the popularity of our gel,we now are offering 50 Lbs. or more at 2.00 per pound. WE USE HOSPITAL GRADE MINERAL OIL TO MAKE OUR GEL. OTHERS CUT COST AND SAFETY MAKING THEIR GEL WITH TECH GRADE MINERAL OIL, AT SWANS QUALITY COUNTS.

Thermo Plastic Resin

$7.95 per 1 LB

Use Thermo Plastic Resin to make your own Gel or add to your existing Gel to make free standing Gel! 1/8 oz resin per lb of gel turns our gel to free standing gel. Packaged by weight.

Powered Dye

$2.30 per 1/4oz

Highly concetrated powered dyes .... 1/4 ounce colors approx 25lbs of wax. Packaged by weight .... amount of dye in jar may vary from color to color.

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