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Calspa is a Professional Grade Paraffin Wax (spa wax) that is Triple Filtered for Purity. Most of our candle and aromatherapy fragrances are soap and lotion safe and work well in spa wax.
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****Deeply hydrates and protects.****

****Delivers fast, drug-free relief****

****Soft, Pliable, and nongreasy****

****Can be used in any paraffin wax spa bath or wax therapy bath.****

CALSPA wax is a specially formulated food,cosmetic, hypoallergenic grade wax product for thermal spa applications. CALSPA wax is formulated to yield a unique balance of flexibility and melting point.


CALSPA is of the highest quality and purity available. Most competitive products comply only with FDA requirements...CALSPA also complies with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements making it truly a cosmetic grade wax.


METING POINT: 120 - 127 F (ASTM D 87)

COLOR: Water white to any tint

ODOR: Odorless to any fragrance

PEEL-ABILITY: Flexible with no flaking

PRICING in 1 lb packages or 10 lb bags of our new Spa Beads.



1 lb $3.95 



6 lb $18.98



10 lb Spawax Beads $29.95 

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